3 Tips on Creating Your Business Culture


So, in today’s video, what I want to do is give you three tips to documenting your culture in your business.

Well, firstly, that’s not the first step, by the way. Well, firstly, why is it important? Well, a lot of my videos, I talk about how business owners are anxious about growing and scaling their team because they’re worried about all these people issues.

Well, one of the first things to prevent people issues in your business is to make sure you’ve got a well documented culture. Well, if you think about it, a well documented culture of your values is like a rule book. It makes it clear to everyone what’s expected of them and how your business will behave in certain circumstances.

If you’ve got that documented and available to everyone, then at least it makes it clear how people are meant to react and behave in certain situations and with each other. So that’s one of the first principles. So, the first thing about, sorry, the first step to really documenting the right culture in your business is firstly, think about the things you want to promote in your business.

Think about the things that have gone well and then once you, once you know the kind of things that go well in your business and where your business is strong, think about the values you’ve got in your business that really help. Those things to go. Well, so what, what are your strengths and what values underpin those strengths?

And then once you’ve identified the values that underpin those strengths, then really you need to put them into your culture. The second tip to document on your culture is think about the things that have gone wrong in your business or your weaknesses and then what you need to do is then think about the values you wish your business had.

And, those values you wish your business had, which would prevent all those things from going wrong or prevent you from having those weaknesses, then put those values into your culture. Then the third thing is once you’ve got the values that keep your business strong and the values you believe will stop your business becoming weak, then what you then just got to do, the final step really is just not to have too many values.

So go through your values, figure out, figure out what’s been duplicated, what can be merged into, into one value. And, um. And just remember, like, if you’ve got too many values, no one in your business is going to remember them. This is the mistake that we made like, we had like 12 points of culture in our business, but the problem with 12 points of culture was no one could remember them.

I guess tip number four, really fourth bonus tip really is whatever culture you pick for your business, you as a leader and manager have to exhibit that culture. If you’re adding things to your culture, which your business doesn’t already have in, or you might have, but the rest of the business isn’t exhibiting, then you have to lead by example, because, in the end of the day, if you’re making it clear to people to behave in a certain way, they need to see you doing that as well.

Those are three tips to documenting your culture plus that one bonus tip and, um, and I’d really hope that you, that helps you document your own culture. Just for reference, we currently have seven points of culture, um, although we’re still writing them up, but that’s how we went from like initially nine all the way up to twelve and then all the way back down to seven.

So, thanks for watching this video. If you found it useful, just remember to like, share, follow, and subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video.

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