Accountants Are Talking About The Wrong Accounting Software

Today’s video is about why accountants, in my opinion, keep talking about the wrong accounting software. And before we go into this though, I just want to remind you, if you’re looking to grow and scale your own business, then you should definitely check out our website n accounting. co. uk. We’ve got some really good quality content on there that will give you all the information you need.

We’ve got our blogs, we’ve got our podcasts, we’ve got more of these videos, we’ve got information about our quarterly planning day. We have also got our free guide and our webinar on there definitely worth checking that out. Back to this video. So why are accountants talking about the wrong accounting software?

And I guess I’ve got to say this with lots of caveats, but anyway. Most accountants out there at the moment, they’re talking about Xero, and Xero is a great piece of software I’ve got no problem with that. But, the reason they’re not talking about the right software, in my opinion, is because Xero has been around for well over ten years now most people know what it is, it’s the new sliced bread, when it comes to accounting software.

It is great getting onto Xero, by the way, I know there’s lots of businesses out there that aren’t on it it, it is. Value, valuable to talk about it, to get those business onto it, but the businesses that are already onto it, which is like the majority of like good quality businesses what’s actually happening is accountants are missing a trick because the next thing accountants should have transitioned to talking about, in my opinion, rather than zero is float and the various types of cashflow planning and business reporting software out there that connect to zero.

And that’s really important because. Zero is good, but zero is always going to give you historic information. It’s going to tell you how you did last week. It’s going to tell you how it did last month. It’s going to tell you how you did last year. And that’s okay. Cause it gives you a basic amount of awareness of where you currently are, but it’s not going to do much to help you really plan for your future and, and really manage the cash flows.

Cause when you are growing a business, you really need that cashflow management. To be successful. And that’s what a lot of these other bits of software, especially float, which is the one we use and it connects to zero and it really shows people how their cash flows are going to progress. It gives them a health monster when the opportunities to invest in their business are, and it helps them understand when the risks of running out of money are so they can make the right decisions and avoid those opportunities, sorry, avoid those risks and make most of those opportunities.

So that’s it. You know, if you’re next time you talk to your accountant and you’re talking about how great zero is, that is really good. But then really start asking questions, you know, what else is out there if I really want to plan the future and the growth of my business, because you’ll be surprised to hear there is some amazing software out there which is compatible with Xero and will give you really, really useful information.

Alright, thanks for watching. Remember to like, share, follow, subscribe and check out that great content at our website n accounting. co. uk and I’ll see you at the next video.

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