Are you a business empire or republic?

You’re a growing business, you’ve just brought in that big contract and you’re well on your way to joining the elite of the business world. This might seem like a fairy tale when you’re at day one, struggling to pay your mortgage and put food on the table but that is the time to really start thinking of how magnanimous you plan to be as a success story.

When you’re doing well and looking ahead it’s easy to lose sight of what made you great in the first place and who helped you get there, this can be a fatal blow as businesses are often built on the perception and kindness of the local community, goodwill can be hard to maintain when you’ve got so many other balls in the air.

After all consider who’s more important, your customers or your suppliers, is there one without the other and who do you prioritise? Typically when the goodwill of a business starts to drop the supplier relationships go first and then the subsequent drop in quality by having a disenfranchised supply chain starts to effect the quality of service.

Staying true to your roots and succeeding at the same time is often a tall order and it requires being intimate with the people you deal with. As you may have guessed I’m not talking about sleeping with them but actually sharing your vision for your business and helping them to understand why and how you wish to achieve it.

And then you can focus on charging your customers the right amount, this might seem simple but it’s often one of the hardest things to do well. The laws of supply and demand are as reliable as gravity (on earth) and can be such an effective way to control your workload so that you can focus on giving your stakeholders everything they deserve.

The suppliers involved in Northants Accounting are as in tune with what we want to help our clients achieve as we are, this means that we are ideally suited to deliver the best level of service at the right price and we can help our clients achieve the same thing as well, contact us if you would like to find out more.

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