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Over the year’s we’ve found that many small business owners face similar issues and we’ve put together a completely free course called “Getting it right from day one” to help small businesses feel more confident about their finances. The course is made up of four free videos and eight articles which you can find further down on this page.

Getting it right from day one...

This course isn’t a substitute for seeking professional help and you may come across certain topics that you may wish to discuss with us in order to gain a better understanding and tailored advice.
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Video 1 - Sole trader or Limited

Video 3 - Registering for VAT

Video 2 - How to keep business records

Video 4 - Working out your tax

Part 1 – Travel expenses

During the course of business it’s quite likely you’ll be travelling around and spending money while you do it, this brief guide gives you an idea of what kinds of travel expenses are tax deductible and which ones aren’t. Business mileage The easiest way of deducting vehicle costs relating to the business is often claiming

Part 3 – Understanding your margins

Understanding whether a cost in a business is fixed or moves with the amount of sales you make can be the first step in effectively controlling it and making sure your customers are paying the right amount for the services and goods you provide, this article looks at the different types of costs and levels

Accountants Northampton - Overview of expenses

Part 4 – An overview of expenses

The first article in this series looked at how travel expenses work for tax purposes but there will undoubtedly be many other costs in a business that will need to be factored in, this article looks at types of costs and what they mean. Generally business expenses fall under two categories, direct costs and overheads

Part 5 – Numbers to keep an eye on

The first year or two of a business can often be a battle to survive and as a result business owners don’t always collect the information that they will need when they’re ready to take things to the next level. When I started my own business, I spent money trying out various marketing methods and

Accountant Northampton - When to pay tax and getting your family involved

Part 6 – When to pay tax and getting your family involved

Paying tax as a business can be far more complex then when you paid it as an employee and making sure you don’t get caught out by a surprise bill needs some planning, this guide is quite technical but it should give you a headstart in managing your cash flows. Limited Company’s Limited company corporation

Getting your prices right

Part 7 – Getting your prices right

Getting your prices right can be make or break for your business and with all the online information available, customers are clued up now more than ever when it comes to getting a good deal. Pricing This has always been a difficult area because it involves balancing your earning expectations with what your customer is

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6 Secrets to Maintaining Healthy Cashflows as You Grow Your Team

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