How important are unique selling points (USP) for a small business?

You’ve just started up and are writing a business plan and you get to the section which asks you to describe your client base or the type of market you’re aiming for. I’ve been there, you just want to scream “Anyone will do I’m trying to earn a crust”. I’m writing this blog to highlight why it pays to have an idea about what your ideal customer looks like


Firstly you may have a limited marketing budget and will want to use it wisely, different types of client or customer will respond to different types of marketing but it is unlikely that you will be able to target every potential customer at first and having a strategy that focuses on achieving everything will mean you blow your budget without generating the results you need to survive.

30 Seconds

Entrepreneurs get a magical 30 second window to engage potential clients, this might sound very precise but ask yourself this, when you meet someone new how long does it take you to decide whether you are interested in what they say or not? Generic descriptions of your business will always generate boredom, if you’re a hair dresser what sounds better? “Hi I’m Janice the director of Master Cuts, a hairdressing salon that specialises in bridal hairdressing and make up” or “Hi I’m Janice I own a hair dressing salon”.

Generate Interest

The reality is you need to draw people into a conversation about what you do, this is going to make them remember you and also recommend you to people who may be able to use your services, if the conversation turns into “That’s a shame I know someone who could do with a hairdresser for their sweet sixteen” then that’s the time to mention that you can branch out.

We live in an age where the gap between successful businesses and failures is widening, deliberate and carefully targeted strategies can make the world of difference when trying to succeed and in the long run can save you money in marketing and generate more referrals than ever before.

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Nishi Patel

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