Join us for our quarterly planning day!  

The prospect of everything you need to do to scale your business can be overwhelming, which is why quarterly planning is absolutely essential in helping you manage it in bite sized pieces.

Join us at our Quarterly Planning Day on the 22 June in Northampton, so you can get a solid plan in place for Quarter 3.

If you have at least one member of full time staff and want to grow your team, then this will be suitable for you.

I’m inviting you to our Quarterly Planning Day on Wednesday 22nd June 2022.

Why quarterly planning is so important: If you think about everything you need to do so that you can scale your business into a million pound valuation and grow your team to get there it can seem incredibly overwhelming. What this does is get you into a routine made up of 3 or 4 of the most important tasks so you can start moving your business in the right direction. This limits the amount of overwhelm and makes you really focus so that you achieve amazing results, you then feel that you can start to tackle those other objectives at a later date.

What we are doing is getting other like-minded business owners together; people who have great teams, who want to keep building their teams, grow their client base, grow their profitability and finally achieve that million pound valuation. A lot of them are not far off, but as well as being a great networking opportunity, it is the perfect time to get that plan in place for Quarter 3 2022.

On top of the quarterly planning and networking, we also have some guest speakers. They’re going to talk about how they built and grew their own businesses and others will explain how to implement your own growth strategy.

This quarterly planning day will be right for you if you’ve hired your first member of staff and you are planning on growing, and building on, your workforce. More importantly, if you want to get your business to the point that one day that you can sell it for at least a million pounds. If you don’t have these goals in mind, then this may not be right for you, but otherwise you are going to get so much value out of it.

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6 Secrets to Maintaining Healthy Cashflows as You Grow Your Team

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