Our 6 Points of Culture


I will conduct myself in a way that leaves people around me feeling confident in my work and my abilities. Reputation management will be a key focus and I will always ensure that I’m well prepared for conversations, maintain the highest levels of confidentiality and communicate in a way that leaves people with clarity.


I will respond to our customers in a friendly, professional, and timely manner. I won't judge people by their mistakes, but purely on the actions they take to achieve a better future. I have a responsibility to maintain the highest levels of expertise in our industry. This is achieved through a willingness to engage with external partners and sources of information.


I must always seek to treat people in the way they would like to be treated and understand that they are complex individuals with many factors involved in their lives, which means that my interaction with them might not always be their highest priority. I need to know when to give them space, but also to stay close enough to support them as soon as they need it.


I will inspire people to take action by being a model example of the traits and qualities that are needed to drive business forward. It’s my responsibility to motivate people when they’re low, give them hope in their times of need and maintain the highest levels of professional integrity. I’m part of a team and I'm not done until everyone else is.


I understand the impact that quick thinking and deliberate action can have when it comes to building and growing a business. If things don’t get done then it won’t be because I held them up with a slow response and I will strive to reply to any communication directed at me quickly and accurately. To ensure this, I will set aside time every day to check my messages and fast track replies based on their importance.


The world is full of opportunities and distractions, it is my priority to channel all my efforts into delivering on my promises. I will turn off any non-essential devices and give people my full attention when dealing with them. I will also try and keep conversations direct, avoid distracting people and ensure that during work hours they are about the business.
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