The Video That Changed My Business

In our latest video, we’d like to share our early experiences and give you some tips on the things that changed our marketing strategy for the better. In our first year of business, we really struggled to hit the figures that we had set out in our business plan and this is really disheartening – you start to wonder if it’s actually viable, or even if you might be better off going back to work for someone else.

We decided to be proactive and bring on board a Networking Coach, who was able to give us some tips on building up connections and gaining more referrals. One of the first things the coach suggested was to watch a video called “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek (for those of you familiar with ‘Ted Talks’ – it’s one of those!)

A common mistake made by accountancy businesses, and in fact many other businesses too, is listing the services they provide on their website. We did exactly that when we started, but this video has helped to completely redefine our concept of marketing. Simon Sinek explains that most businesses start off by explaining to people what they do, perhaps going on to explain how they do it, but they very rarely discuss why they do it!

He goes on to explain that the most successful businesses always start with why they do things, they may explain a little about how they do things, but they don’t spend a lot of time talking about exactly what they do because by that point, the sale has already been made!

So why do we love running our own businesses? We love the flexibility it gives us, both in terms of business and our personal lives. One of the key drivers behind our business, is that we want to help others achieve the same kind of things that we have!

We have a passion for helping people to run their own businesses. That means we have a really proactive approach with our clients: making sure their cash-flow situation is good, that they know what their tax bill is going to be and are prepared for it and that HMRC are kept happy. It also means putting them in touch with the right experts who can help their business.

The moral of this video is, start with why you do what you do and stop telling people exactly what you do, instead explain how and why you do it!

At Northants Accounting we are an experienced firm of accountants and we specialise in adapting to the changes in our client’s businesses and having such a proactive approach to our work means that we are the ideal accountants for small businesses that are doing something new and fresh in their sector and are looking for help and support to grow.

If you’d like to talk more about how we have helped our clients, or how we might be able to help you, please get in touch on 01604 330129 or email

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