What is Your Business Really Worth?

Most business owners don’t have a plan for retirement, and they’re often stuck in a place where they can’t afford to stop working, the business can’t run itself and no one wants to buy it.

The 0.5% of businesses that do sell have something in common, so join the webinar and learn the simple calculation behind working out the value of your business, the 6 drivers that determine that value and start focusing on the numbers that really count.

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What you will learn during this FREE webinar:


Why most business owners focus on the wrong numbers

The importance of setting the right targets can’t be underestimated, where focus goes, energy flows.


Calculating a business’s value isn’t as complicated as experts make out

We’ll teach you the one simple formula you can always keep to hand, to value your business.


How millionaires are made

Why can two similar businesses be worth very different amounts, size doesn’t always matter.

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Nishi Patel is a Chartered Management Accountant and founder of Northamptonshire’s award-winning firm, N-Accounting. His focus is working with ambitious small businesses, helping them to grow, scale and achieve Six Figure Profit and a Million Pound Valuation.

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6 Secrets to Maintaining Healthy Cashflows as You Grow Your Team

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6 Secrets to Maintaining Healthy Cashflows as You Grow Your Team

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