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At Northants Accounting, we understand that when you have a business to look after, you don’t always have the time to keep every single plate spinning yourself. Business owners, especially those with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) find themselves with endless amounts of work and we realise that keeping your books and drawing up accounts becomes another bane in your busy life.

But once you have found the right small business accountant to work alongside, you will no longer need to turn much of your attention to your business’s accounts, as you can put your trust in the experts to get the job done.

With the services provided by our honest and extremely efficient accountants in and around Wellingborough, you can relax knowing that your accounts are being organised by safe hands. This will free up time elsewhere, meaning you can concentrate on other crucial aspects of your business.

Be it sorting out payroll, ensuring that you are all clear in regards to VAT or looking after the books, Northants Accounting can do it all. You can simply utilise any of our services based on your current requirements.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a package which is specifically tailored for your business, just get in contact with our small business accountants and we will do our best to make it happen.

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Northants Accounting have worked with several business owners in their everyday dealings with the HMRC by offering various services and guidance, which are mentioned below.

Preparing Accounts

One of the most important ways to gauge your company’s performance is through accounts. Do you require a periodic management account or a yearly account for tax purposes? You name it and we’ll promptly set them up for you while ensuring the hassle is kept to a bare minimum.

Aside from weighing up your business’s performance, accounts are utilised for other purposes as well. Our accountants in Wellingborough go the extra mile when trying to make sense of your upshots to ensure that they are taken into consideration when planning for upcoming tactics and business development. This usually includes budgeting, foretelling the inflow and outflow of cash and predicting future profits – all are things every small business owner require assistance with in order to reach the dizzying heights of success.

Statutory Accounts

There are certain entities, such as Limited Companies, who have to put together something deemed a ‘financial statement’, which they have to file with Companies house. In order to make the process of filing statutory accounts easier, Northants Accounting will not only prepare the statutory accounts for your business, but we will also file them on your behalf too.

Management Accounts

One of the most essential things that you as a business owner have to do is to scrutinise and manage the financial performance of your business. But to ensure that your business runs successfully, having daily management information is of the utmost importance and luckily, it’s something we can help with. We’ll either draw up a periodic management account or simply put in place internal systems that’ll produce all the required details for you.

Nonetheless, some of the information that is produced in these accounts can sometimes seem like they are written in a foreign language, which is why it is important to work with experts who can make sense of it for you. Working with our accountants in Wellingborough will mean that you are always a step ahead with your finances, but additionally, they will also provide suggestions for ways in which your business can grow and get real-time results.


Being tax advisers, our main goal is to work as closely as possible with our clients in order to make sure that their business is paying the least amount of tax required by the legal system, all whilst ensuring they aren’t breaking the law.  At Northants Accounting, we ensure that our clients fully comprehend the repercussions that might be faced due to wrong actions, in order to help plan for the future and perform dealings in a tax effective manner.

Corporation Tax Services

Now, it is understandable that owner-managed businesses face several issues when it comes to preparing and filing their taxes in a timely manner.

We also don’t want our clients to get on the wrong side of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), as investigation policies, reporting obligations and more importantly, harsh penalties for non-compliance will all cost your business time and money.

As your accountants, we’ll be working closely with you to ensure your exposure towards corporate tax is reduced and you’ll enjoy the benefits of knowing that your corporation tax services and self-assessment is being taken care of.


With constant changes in regulation and an increase in the demands from HMRC, it means just one thing – that VAT compliance is going to become an even more complicated administrative process.

In order to help you deal with the process, we offer several cost-effective services, such as:

  • Helping you register for VAT
  • Guidance on VAT preparation and administration
  • Using the most suitable scheme
  • Controlling and reconciling VAT
  • Helping with filing VAT returns
  • Negotiating with HMRC and representing you at VAT hearings

The accountants at Northants Accounting have years of experience in handling HMRC enquiries, be it an investigation on an individual’s tax return or an employer-related enquiry regarding PAYE.

Tax Protection

As the risk of a HMRC investigation is an ever-growing one, it is worth taking out insurance to safeguard your business from unforeseen expenses. An annual policy will ensure that should your business need to undergo extensive investigation, it won’t end up costing a substantial amount as you will be covered in advance.

Business Development

Why would anyone risk rocking the boat when their business has been running successfully for quite some time? Well, that’s a good question, and one that we often get asked. Knowing when and how to upscale your business is an important aspect of being the head of a business and it is especially important for small businesses that are hoping to thrive.

At Northants Accounting, we can provide our clients with unique and viable ways to enhance the performance of their staff, finances, yearly turnover and promotional campaigns.

Why Choose Northants Accounting?

Whatever your needs, our accountants that service Wellingborough, alongside other areas, will be there to steer you in the right direction, even in the hardest of times.

Having established a reputation as being forward-thinking and steadfast accountants, we offer a wide range of services from accountancy to taxation, and everything in between.

We put in all our efforts to properly understand you and your business, so that we can deliver in a timely manner. We also recognise that business owners have high hopes, which is the sole reason why we strive hard to make sure all those expectations are met and even surpassed.

To find out more about how we can work together to better your business, please contact us and arrange a free initial meeting.

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Why not check out our FREE guide:

6 Secrets to Growing your Business During a Recession

By reading this guide you will discover:

  • How important systems and a team are in growth 
  • Why knee jerk reactions can cause lasting damage
  • How people will change the way they buy

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