Why Business Owners Leave Money on the Table with Marketing


The main reason for this, in my opinion, and the opinion of many other marketing experts I’ve spoken to, is that they are only ever fighting for the customers who are looking to buy right now. So, they’re essentially advertising to people that need, have a need but a lot of the time, the people that have a need is usually like, you know, maybe 1% or 0.

1% of the market out there and everyone else. It doesn’t need what you’re selling right now. And this is where business owners often leave money on the table because they spend so much energy and effort and finances just fighting over the same customers as all the other competitors that what happens is they’re not really thinking about the people who don’t need to buy right now but may do in three months time or in six months time or a year’s time, that what they’re doing is they’re trying to compete.

So they’re paying that premium. They are going after a much, much smaller group of customers as well, because it’s, they’re taking really short term really short term decisions on getting those clients in right now, which is fair enough. Sometimes, they’ve just got to hit targets and they’ve got to do that.

But actually like the most successful business owners, I know they are the ones that really fought create like a content based strategy. And the idea of having a content based strategy when it comes to marketing is like, you’re not targeting the people that need business right now, although you will attract them anyway.

What you’re really doing is you’re attracting or you’re targeting the people who don’t know they need your services right now, but you’re building that relationship with them over a certain period of time. And then the idea is when they do actually have a need for what you offer and they’re aware of you offering that because you’ve had the right call to actions and you’ve got the right set up on all your profiles, then the chances are when they actually do need the thing that you’re offering and you’ve been there consistently, then you’ll get first dibs on that prospect because the chances are they’ll go straight to you rather than actually going to Google and Googling various accountants or various people in your profession or any of the other methods where they’re just searching for something because they’ve got an immediate need.

So in my opinion, that’s why a lot of businesses leave money on the table, cause content marketing, if you do it to a certain standard, it can be quite expensive, but if you do it to the most basic standard, it can be quite cheap. And also it can get you some really good results. If you just play the game long enough, and that’s what most businesses don’t do, unfortunately. So, I just wanted to let you know like just once again, if you like this video, remember to like, share, forward and subscribe, and then also check out our website and accounting. co. uk because we’ve got some great content on there to help you grow and scale your own business.

I’ll see you at the next video.

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