13 Media Ltd

13 Media are a story based marketing agency with a broad portfolio of media asset production.

13 Media produce a range of assets such as video, copywriting, audio productions, and more and then draw on a wealth of experience in story-based approaches to offer marketing solutions for business, products and individuals.

The world of media asset production is not always an easy one to work in. Where many businesses focus on a single area such as video or copywriting, 13 Media have a range of products that call on them to be able to switch mindsets and approach quickly. When we first met them, some 7 years ago now, they were a very different business than today and at the time we were not the right fit for them. Over the years they have moved from a pretty straightforward video production business with a recording studio through to a specialist marketing business. This is the kind of business we love here at Northants Accounting. Ever changing, fast-moving and full of ideas and development potential. That was the reason Director Kevin Lee Robinson asked Nishi’s team to take over the burden of accounting.

’13 Media is a perfect example of the swan analogy. Floating along on the surface but working like hell underneath. Production weeks can vary from a simple 9 to 5 workflow, through to 7 days of full on crazy effort and concentration. In the midst of all this, for many years, we had not really been making the most of our accounting and finances and we were a bit unstructured when it came to running them. When I discussed this with Nishi he immediately found a way to streamline how we worked and put measures in place to make things easier. I couldn’t recommend Northants Accounting more highly if you are looking to expand and need someone who is capable of being part of your team not just your accountant. For many years, the day to day stuff has held us back, since Northants Accounting came on board, we have grown and are now looking to a big growth project for 2021’

We set up Xero and appropriate systems around 13 Media to allow them to do what they do best, be creative and help their clients. Once trained to operate the Xero platform the team at 13 were released to spend more time working on the business than in the business and are expecting big changes in the coming months. We will be helping them as they reach out for new markets, with new products and services.

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