Anna Wood Bridal Ltd

Anna Wood Bridal is a bridal boutique based in Long Buckby, Northants.

Anna’s husband, Aaron runs a local IP Law firm and had been recommended to Northants Accounting as they were looking for a new accountant. Having transferred over to Northants Accounting, it soon came to light that Anna was looking to open her boutique and Nishi was the man to help set everything up.

The couples previous Accountant had offered very little support when it came to tax planning, and whatever advice there was for this (a one-off meeting) was always charged for separately. They were also concerned over managing cashflow, particularly as they were looking to launch a second, brand new business.

To Nishi the idea of clients paying separately for tax planning was an alien concept as tax efficiency and planning are naturally built into everything they do, there’s no way that it could be separated out into a different service.

Nishi and the team at Northants Accounting helped to plan the launch of the new business, setting up Anna Wood Bridal as a limited company and helping them understand howthey were going to fund everything effectively.

The monthly cashflow planning service offered by Northants Accounting is the backbone of their financial strategy and gives Anna Wood bridal the opportunity to plan much further ahead and come up with effective ways to fund their growth. There’s a certain relief you feel by understanding what your finances will look like three years down the line and the value of this can’t be underestimated.

Nishi also explained how to transfer money between the two companies, allowing the them to prop each other up when cashflow was likely to be an issue for either one or the other. This wasn’t an easy task as we had to move and track money between companies, while also making sure there wasn’t a large tax bill building up.

Anna had already been using Xero accounting software for several years and knew what she was doing with it. Based on that knowledge the support Northants Accounting provided focussed on tidying things up and identifying the type of management information Anna and Aaron were looking for.

As a result, both businesses are growing steadily, and both Anna and Aaron enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having the opportunity to be proactive with their finances by forecasting both the good and bad times in advance.

Here is what Anna had to say about Northants Accounting:
“Nishi is not just part of our team, he’s an integral part. If there is anyone out there considering using Northants Accounting to help their business, my advice would be to get on board and take allthe services on offer, they pay for themselves ten-fold and have been so valuable in helping us build our future.

Accounting Client Profile Picture
Anna Wood
Director, Anna Wood Bridal Ltd

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