Recruitico provide offshore staffing solutions for SMEs in the UK

Dawar and his offshore staffing solution business Recruitico were looking for an accounting option from a team that really understood their business and expansion plans when we first met them in 2018.

After our initial discussion, it became clear that the Recruitico solution to outsourcing worked well and was likely to develop and grow substantially in the coming years. There was instant synergy between Nishi and Dawar and they shared a common platform when it came to ethical practice and providing a reliable and flexible service to clients.

Recruitico offers a search and selection process that provides offshore solutions to UK based SMEs. As a result of their approach, their clients can rely on skill sets and solutions that would otherwise be unavailable to them. The Recruitico team takes care of all the paperwork and contract issues to make the process simple and free-flowing. It is an innovative business model that provides a much needed flexibility to many businesses. However, the process of ensuring that the team overseas matches the needs of the businesses here in the UK that use them requires a lot of complex negotiation, local knowledge and application. Dawar is committed to his contractors as much as the businesses that use their services and keeping everything in a row takes a lot of focus. From his point of view, the choice of accounting partners was as much about support as it was about confidence in the service they offered.

We were happy to step up.

Nishi and the entire team are knowledgeable, efficient and proactive, with systems and processes in place to make sure everything gets done on time. I don’t have the time to worry about tax and accounting issues, so I had a fairly simple request. I wanted someone I trusted to take all the pressure of accounting off my shoulders and deal with things efficiently, Northants Accounting did just that.

As well as being efficient they seem to be always just a call or email away if I need advice on anything. The team are knowledgeable, helpful and very capable when it comes to the processes and general accounting as well as being technologically savvy. More importantly though in some ways is that they are friendly, understand where I am trying to go and always willing to offer suitable advice and solutions. 

The service they offer is a perfect solution for business.

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Dawar Ali

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