CSVV Ltd is involved in dental practice activities and is located in Northampton.

Vik and his wife had been running CSVV as a sole trader for 13 years before they met Nishi while they were socialising with friends in a local pub. At this point, all of their bookkeeping was done by Vik himself and they had been looking for a new, local Accountant for around 12 months.

Vik freely admits that the business previously had little structure and in fact needed streamlining somewhat; tax planning had only vaguely been on his radar and actually he needed some help.

He describes Nishi and the Northants Accounting team as being different. For a start Nishi is so dynamic, so approachable and above all a nice chap and the rest of the team follow suit. This is where they are different from everyone else. His ‘company’ knowledge is amazing compared to any other Accountant Vik has come across and he is always just a phone call away.

One of the first things that Northants Accounting did was to introduce the Xero software, since then, Vik and his wife have had a much better idea of where their income is coming from, what is profitable and where they need to aim to go. Previously, this was all just bits of paper in a shoebox that they would spend hours worrying over.

It wasn’t just the software though, Vik had one-to-one tutelage, not just once but as often as he required it, ensuring he and his wife learned how to use it properly. Northants Accounting literally led them by the hand until they were using it efficiently, which in turn has made life easier for Northants Accounting too.

The company, and Vik were also paying more tax than they needed to and the Northants Accounting team worked WITH Vik to help him plan and streamline his business to the point where they have essentially cut their tax bill in half. Nishi, Sunil and the back-office team have been amazing in making that happen.

They now have a structured platform for Vik to practice as a dentist and being so much more tax efficient, they have gone on to setup two further businesses. These are both structured and managed in a similar way to the primary business and Vik insists that they would never have gone on to do this without the help, advice and support of the Northants Accounting team.

They have achieved more in the last 18 months than Vik had in the previous 14 years; growth in this time has been better than in the previous decade. Nishi is part of the puzzle, and very big part at that. Now CSVV Ltd has a basis to build a business on and Vik firmly believes that this would not have been possible without Nishi and the team at Northants Accounting.

If you are considering changing Accountants, Vik’s advice would be to look at how long you’ve been using your existing firm for and how many interactions you have with them in a given year. Consider how in tune with your Accountant you are and if they are absent for 11  months out of every 12, if they are just waiting for you to contact them rather than being there for you as a team when you need them, if they are just doing your bookkeeping and not helping you to grow, then Northants Accounting and their entire offering should be your next step. Don’t just stay with what you know.

Accounting Client Profile Picture
Vikas Vohra
Director, CSVV Ltd

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