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Gosprey are something very special and rare in this digital world. A hard-working, down to earth, family run business

There is nothing quite like a family run business and Gosprey ltd are the picture of what most of us imagine a family run endeavour to be. They have had good times, bad times, and everything in between, but throughout the ups and downs, Paul and Sue Stallard maintained the down to earth, work-ethic based approach, that only family businesses seem to be able to generate.

Paul and Sue moved into the cleaning and facilities maintenance almost by accident. They had been working in hospitality and realised that with a young family, running a pub wasn’t exactly the best career. When a friend asked them to get involved in an opportunity in the facilities market they decided to go for it. For a while, it went well but then suddenly, literally overnight, the contracts were snatched away.

“It was a hard time, so we talked to every contact we had and did what we could,” Paul told us

“I was working full time, then in the evenings and weekends, we were racing around in an old Volvo estate taking whatever work was available to keep the business going. Sometimes, you’ve just got to keep working. And that’s what we did. Now, we have a really great team around us… and we are a team. Everyone is part of the family really. We service flats, for management companies staring in Northampton and going right down the M1 corridor. These days we do everything. window cleaning, waste management, general repairs and upkeep, even gardening. We’re a long way from those hard times but we kept the same approach. Do a good job for people that need a good job done”

Gosprey came to Northants account via a recommendation and we realised we had a lot to offer them in terms of support. Like every business owner, Sue and Paul just wanted to focus on building a successful business. As with many of our clients they didn’t want to be looking over the shoulder of their accountant or, worse still, only getting any service from them when it came to presenting a bill. The extended service and advice we offer seemed to be exactly what they were looking for, particularly during a very difficult time like the Covid-19 pandemic. Sue Explains:

“Because of lockdown, we have never actually met Nishi and the team face to face. I don’t have an accounts background, so I need to be able to rely on Northants Accounting to not only do a good job with HMRC and so on, but they also need to be able to help with advice and guidance when we need it. In fact, not only have they advised on the financial side of things, they are have recommended other service providers to us. It’s about trust, like a lot of relationships in business, you have to be able to trust people”

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Paul Stallard

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