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Green Umbrella are a cutting edge marketing agency specialising in social media and all things digital as well as traditional print.

When Green Umbrella was looking for new accountants they realised they needed someone like Nish Patel who would understand their very demanding needs.

Northampton may not be the first place that springs to mind when you think about the digital arena but Northants Accounting acts for several tech companies and they are all pushing boundaries and thriving. Green Umbrella Marketing is no different in that respect and when Nishi Patel visited their Daventry offices for some initial discussions, it became clear that they were going to be an unusual and challenging client. The digital marketing world is a fast-paced and constantly changing one and those who work in it need to be constantly ahead of the curve and that includes in the way the finances operate.

In early 2019, current MD Christina Robinson, moved from being the in-house expert to management when she purchased the business from the previous owner. Having already worked for the company for many years she was familiar with where the business operated well and where she could develop things. She wanted accountant support to help her through the changes and expansion she had planned. Having met several times in the past Christina and Nishi were already well known to each other but that did not mean this was going to be an easy ride for the Northants Accounting team. Christina has a formidable reputation for a hard focus on planning and strategy that needed accountancy support capable of doing much more than filling in the tax returns. It needed someone who could embrace the agile, adaptable, and often consultative approach that Christina demanded. More importantly, it needed an accountant that could be a part of the expansion plans Christina had in mind.

After a series of meetings, the old accountancy firm was given notice and Northants Accounting was chosen to replace them. Christina Explains why:

‘We work in an ever-changing industry and therefore the GU team all work at a fast pace. I wanted an accountant that would understand that and give me the input I needed to develop the business. Nishi is the perfect accountant for a developing business like ours. I took over with the stated aim of taking Green Umbrella to new markets and reaching new clients. That is exactly what we have done and Nishi and the team have been very much a part of that success. When the unimaginable happened and we needed to deal with a pandemic less than a year unto buying the business, we not only survived but the careful planning and strategic approach we developed together meant we actually had a stable and thriving business in the most difficult time possible. We looked at several accountancy firms and Northants Accounting is, without doubt, the best choice for a business looking to expand and yet minimise the mistakes and risks that can come with that.’

Accounting Client Profile Picture
Christina Robinson
Managing Director Green Umbrella Marketing

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