LBC Logistics

LBC are forerunners in clean, environmentally friendly, logistics and delivery services

LBC specialise in logistics that do not harm the environment.

Where many accountancy businesses simply ‘do the books’ we like to get to know our clients so we can really help them grow. One of the pleasures of this is that we get to work with businesses like LBC Logistics who are not just another delivery and logistics service, they are one of the growing number of SMEs with a real mission.


LBC is the brainchild of Daniel Lockeron. After his daughter came down with a case of pneumonia, Daniel learned that one of the contributing factors to her illness was the pollution created by transport. After years in the import/export environment Daniel realised he was perfectly placed to create a business that did more than talk about the environment, he could do something about it. He decided there and then that he would commit to helping reduce the impact of pollution. LBC was the result. They operate a door to door service based on ultra-low emission services which means they and their customers have the comfort of knowing that each delivery is making a real difference. In fact, the business is now one of the UKs very few logistics services that has zero tailpipe emissions.


Daniel chose to name his business LBC (short for Live, Breathe, Clean) after his core principles and that speaks volumes about how committed he is to maintaining an environmentally friendly, but still economically viable, service. The passion shown in the ethos and commercial core of the business makes them a perfect client for Northants Accounting. To have been part of their journey so far has been an absolute pleasure.


“We needed an accountant we trusted, and Nishi and the team have your back. There are hundreds of accountants out there, sure, but the difference is that not only do I know Nishi is as reliable and trustworthy as any of them, he is also competitive and really focused on what I want to achieve. Being environmentally friendly and maintaining a solid, working business, can be tough at times. The last thing you need is to be worrying about your accountant. Not only do Northants Accounting do the right job for me, they understand what I am trying to do, and they are in my corner so I can get on with running my business.”

Accounting Client Profile Picture
Daniel Lockeron
Managing Director, LBC Logistics

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