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Life Force Fitness is a personal training service and studio specialising in weight loss in Northampton.

Jon had spent a couple of decades in the corporate world and following some pretty important wakeup calls relating to his own health and fitness retrained in his spare time as a Personal Trainer. Taking the plunge to leave the finance industry and start a new business, Jon needed an accountant to help advise on a range of areas.

Finding Northants Accounting on Google, Jon noticed their nearby location and reached out to get the help he needed to incorporate and create the right company structure. Jon was concerned about the pain of incorporating the business, he also knew he’d hate anything to do with tax; all previous encounters with tax provoked the ‘red mist’.

He was looking for advice on whether the company should be a sole trader, a limited company or something different, he didn’t want to have to do the reading and research himself and then worry that he’d made the wrong decision. Northants Accounting took care of all of this and took all the stress away. The advice given was sound but also flexible as things moved forward and new challenges presented themselves; everything was dealt with without complication or fuss.

Jon has always been a big fan of spreadsheets, but the team at Northants Accounting have worked hard to convince him of the long-term benefits of using accounting software and have found ways to tailor it to his style of working. What Jon does like is having access to business information and that’s something that’s easier to get to now he’s effectively using the software.

The most useful thing Nishi has done so far was getting Jon a large tax rebate. He was previously in the 45% tax bracket and Northants Accounting were able to use that to offset against Jon’s first year losses to then go on and claim a decent rebate. To achieve this, the business started as a sole trader, took advantage of the tax rebate and now that’s been sorted out, they are back to a limited company. Without Nishi and the team at Northants Accounting, they would definitely have missed out on the rebate.

Life Force Fitness’ payroll and tax returns are all also taken care of by Northants Accounting and the level of service means that it’s all communicated effectively and up to date.

Jon’s advice to someone considering using Northants Accounting? He suggests that if you’re a financial novice and don’t know where to start, they will look after you in the sense that they give you the tools that you need but also make sure you are as tax efficient as possible. So, if you’re starting out for the first time, or if you’re not getting that from your current supplier then these guys are definitely worth looking at as providers.

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Jon Bellis

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