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Having met Nishi through various networking events, Mark wasn’t unhappy with his previous accountancy firm but didn’t see them often. On a number of occasions, Mark had seen Nishi demonstrate his expertise and he was always asking pertinent and proactive questions. At one particular event, Nishi was presenting an educational slot and this ‘sealed the deal’ with Nishi demonstrating fully that he knew what he was talking about, Mark was also convinced that as a smaller business himself Nishi would offer a more personal relationship and this has certainly proven to be the case.

Upon leaving his previous supplier, an extra bill and other costs came out of the blue, which previously hadn’t been made clear and that’s another positive in working with Northants Accounting. Mark has found no grey areas, no hidden costs and has no concerns that he is being charged for every phone call. It is always clear that ‘this is covered in your monthly fee’, and if there were a chance of an additional cost Mark is certain that he’d know about it well in advance.

The positive changes that Mark has seen is that as much as accountancy and dealing with HMRC feels like a black art to him, Nishi explains it all in layman’s terms, and now Mark feels like he just has someone on his side. Nishi is alwaysavailable and if Mark has a question, Nishi can answer it. With his previous supplier (a much larger accountancy practice) he had to deal with different people for different things, now he has one point of contact for everything, and the team at Northants Accounting come to him rather than the other way round. It’s also clear to Mark that Nishi and the team have a desire for constant improvement and are always looking for ways to help you manage and improve your own business.

The company (at the time of writing this case study) are on the flat rate VAT scheme, following discussions though, it became clear that Mark was recording his bills incorrectly and not separating out the VAT element in Xero; in turn he wasn’t getting a true reflection to be able to decide if the Flat Rate scheme was the right way to manage VAT. The results of this remain to be seen, but what Mark found useful was the fact that Northants Accounting picked up on the error and have been helping to decide the correct way forward.

Marks advice to anyone considering using Northants Accounting would be that if your current provider isn’t holding your hand, giving you ongoing (and excellent) advice or if you feel like you are being charged for every little thing then he’d wholeheartedly suggest talking to Nishi and the team at Northants Accounting. Nishi is a proactive, enthusiastic person who wants to improve, he’s part of your team to help you deal effectively with HMRC and makes sure you don’t get railroaded. They also make sure HMRC are doing everything properly and ‘calling them’ if they aren’t.

He goes on to say that he uses Northants Accounting because of a combination of Nishi’s youth, enthusiasm and desire to continually drive towards perfection, his attention to detail and his emotional connection with your business. Yes, Nishi is a businessman and very focussed on growing his business but he is definitely there for you and you get the feeling you are in safe hands.

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Mark Coster
Director, Pixooma Ltd

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