Red Giraffe

Red Giraffe craft the ultimate web design experience for their clients.

Red Giraffe is a fast-growing, innovative, web design and digital marketing specialist with an impressive reputation.

Red Giraffe is undoubtedly an exciting business to work with. We initially became aware of them through mutual visits to network and other events and right from the outset, they impressed us with their attitude. Red Giraffe, and Director Joe Gilbert, understand that the website and digital support for a business are about more than just setting up a few pages. They are entrepreneurial by nature and that feeds into their work. Their approach is to focus on creating digital environments that do more than just create a web presence, they generate a sales funnel for their customers. As a result, they are extremely flexible and able to produce bespoke solutions that really work for their clients. Unfortunately, they had always been unable to find an accountant who could match their proactive, business development, attitude.

When we first sat down to discuss how we could help Red Giraffe it became clear that they were feeling a little bruised by their experience with other accountants. At that point, they were a young, agile, business that was developing a strong reputation in the market. Their first accountant however had not met their expectation of support and was simply filing returns. They moved to a new accountant that had promised much but was delivering very little of the service they wanted. Naturally, they were a little concerned about a third move. After talking with Joe, it was clear that we could really work with them to not only provide accountancy services, but also the advice and guidance in financial matters that they had been expecting from their previous accountants. They moved to Northants Accounting and have been with us ever since.

The experience of working with Northants Accounting compared to other accountants couldn’t be better. If I have a question, I get an answer. That’s all I really wanted in the past. They have also really have taken the time to get to know my business and what we hope to achieve. Nishi and the team can’t do enough for you. They have helped me with everything from regular accounting processes through to helping me arrange a mortgage. Anyone looking at the advice and guidance they offered during the pandemic or experiencing the support they offer for forecasting your business growth will see just how good they really are.

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Joe Gilbert
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