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We have helped a variety of new businesses in and around Northampton in that critical first year, as accountants we offer new businesses various levels of support depending on their needs. Our services include:

Developing a business plan is a really important part of being a small business owner and is often the backbone of any loan or funding application. Even if you are not required to have a business plan by your lender or stakeholders it can be hugely valuable when it comes to creating the detail behind any good idea.


A good business plan will look at the various aspects of your business such as Finances, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Purchasing and Operations, it will also need to be updated on a regular basis as to reflect any changes in strategy. This will help you consider how all of these areas overlap and impact each other as well identify the weaknesses before they become an issue.

Northants Accounting have worked with our client base in and around Northampton to help them develop their own business plans using a thorough and systematic approach considering the various aspects of their businesses.

If you would like to learn more about business planning and the advantages then please get in touch and arrange a free initial consultation.

As Chartered Management Accountants we have some of the best training & experience available when it comes to forecasting, this means that we can help you work out what your business finances will look like over the coming months.

It’s a well-known fact that many businesses fail because owners have trouble linking their marketing and operational expectations to a financial impact, forecasting helps to identify the ideas that will generate a return and the ones that won’t as well as to improve cash flow timings which can lead to reduced bank charges, interest rates and better supplier relationships.

We help our clients in and around Northampton to create forecasting models that are tailored towards their businesses and goals and then help them utilise them to drive key actions and considerations that their business needs. Aside from the financial benefits this provides, they also experience significant motivational benefits as they feel that they have better control over their business and future.

If you would like professional help with planning for the future of your business please contact us to arrange a free initial meeting where we can discuss your needs.

There are time limits for business owners to inform HMRC when they start trading as well as when they employ staff and conduct various other activities. Failure to meet these deadlines can result in penalties being issued or the loss of certain tax planning opportunities.

We register our clients for the relevant taxes as and when they are needed and inform them on any options and decisions they need to make. This gives them the peace of mind to focus on growing their businesses without worrying about whether or not they are falling foul of HMRC.

If you are a new or expanding business based in or around Northampton then contact us to arrange a free initial consultation on how appointing us as your accountants could save you time, money and be the best business decision you ever make.

As small business owners ourselves we know that the first year can often be one of the busiest as there is a lot of investment in building the structure of your services and marketing needed. We are here to provide a complete accountancy solution for all types of business owners so that they can focus on growing their business into something that will provide for their families.

Our prices are very realistic based on what start-up business owners can afford in the cash strapped first year, and we have often been able to secure sizeable rebates or future tax discounts for them that they would have struggled to themselves.

If you are a small business owner based in and around Northampton please contact us to find out how we can provide the support you need to secure your future in business.

Getting your business structure and tax year ends right can be incredibly important in the first year of trading when it comes to tax and managing your company’s credit rating. Unfortunately there isn’t a one size fits all solution to tax planning and the only way to make it as efficient as possible is to have regular input from your accountant.

Northants Accounting understands the importance of talking to small business owners about their objectives as tax savings need to be planned for in advance. Helping business owners to understand the compromises involved is also a key part of this as certain tax strategies will show benefits today but cause increased liability for the future.

If you are a small business owner based in and around Northampton please contact us and arrange a free initial consultation, we can tell you there and then what the benefits of using us as your accountants could be and the potential tax savings involved.

This can be a tough call for small business owners to make at the start of business as there are many pros and cons to weigh up about each structure and while they can research all day long, it can be even more helpful to work with someone who can help them create a personalised solution for their business.

We have helped many start-up businesses to get their structures right and understand whether being a sole-trader, limited company or partnership would be suitable for them. If you are a small business based in or around Northampton then please contact us and we can help you find a business structure that fits what you want to achieve out of your business.

Although bookkeeping can be outsourced it is often something many small business owners take care of themselves to keep the costs down. This is an area that has to be done correctly and in a way they offers protection in the event of an HMRC enquiry or investigation.

We provide Bookkeeping services if required or we can support clients in setting up a system that’s suitable for them based on how they want to work. We help clients to work in the most efficient way based on their business objectives and growth plans, this can sometimes involve simplifying their systems where a reduced level of detail is needed as well as upgrading them to something more automated.

We have helped many of our clients based in and around Northampton to identify the best bookkeeping system for their business and could help you do the same, contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.

If you have just started out and need help in any of these areas please get in touch with us, initial meetings are free of charge and we have often saved our clients’ money on their tax bills or achieved tax rebates for them because they came to us early enough.

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