Most clients that come to us are aware that their limited company is a separate entity, in the same way that their friend is
When it comes to company incorporation, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) continues to remain a popular choice among those looking to register their company. But
The trend of freelancing and hiring freelancers has been on the rise in recent years. But along with the engagement of freelancers, instances of
Making VAT work for you Value Added Tax VAT in the UK is a sales-based tax, which is designed to target the end consumers
Nobody enjoys paying taxes, right? Well, that may be so, but unless you’re happy to see yourself behind bars for many years, you’ve got
Businesses are functioning in an environment that is constantly changing and rapidly developing and each one of them are fighting to stay afloat in
Contents BackgroundHow Worried Should You Be?Tax On Hiring Self Employed WorkersHow HMRC Decide On The Employment StatusSummary Background Small businesses, especially start-ups prefer to hire workers
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