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Advantages of Accounting Software

In a vlog we published a few weeks ago, Making Tax Digital – part 3 we talked about how important accountancy software is going to be when HMRC brings in the new Making Tax Digital System. In this week’s Vlog we go into that in a bit more detail. There are quite a few different

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Making Tax Digital Part 3

Welcome to the third of our video blogs on ‘Making Tax Digital’. In the previous vlog in this series, we looked at what digital tax might look like and the software, which will essentially do most of the job for you. Today, we would just like to answer the burning question that’s been on everyone’s

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Making Tax Digital Part 2

In the first of our video blogs on Making Tax Digital part 1, we talked about what HMRC are doing with regards to Making Tax Digital and why. So, we thought we would go into a bit more detail about how it might work. No-one is certain of this yet, but there have been some

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Making Tax Digital – Part One

Welcome once again to the Northants Accounting video blog. In this Vlog, the first in a series of three, we explain what Making Tax Digital means, why HMRC are doing it and what it will mean for your small business. Making Tax Digital – Part One No one quite knows how it will work because

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What Happened to Making Tax Digital?

Making Tax Digital, are three words which have the potential to completely alter the working lives of millions of small business owners and self-employed people.HMRC’s grand plan to digitalise taxation means that all eligible firms will require to store accounting records electronically. The government says that its ‘Making Tax Digital’ plan is intended at ‘reducing

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